“Attempts to extinguish me don't even bother me none. Like retarded kids throwing ice cubes at the sun, a victory against Immortal Technique will never be done.”

- The Prophecy, Immortal Technique

Felipe Coronel was born on 19th February, 1978 in Lima, Peru and was raised in Harlem, New York. Immortal Technique is a hip hop artist and political activist, his lyrics focus on socio-political issues. The views expressed in his lyrics are largely a mixture of commentary on issues such as poverty, religion, and racism. He also focuses on the harsh resulting realities of criminality in the housing projects of New York City's slums. As a child The Technique was thrown from the frying pan of a civil war torn, Peru, straight into the fiery streets of Harlem, New York. Growing up on the streets of New York, the young man became enamored with Hip Hop culture, writing graffiti and starting to rhyme at an early age. Although he frequently cut school to be a part of his jiu-jitsu class he ended up being arrested time and time again for his wild behavior, however the kid still managed to finish high school and got accepted to a state university. ‘The Technique’ found the perfect way to vent his pent up frustration and anger over what was going on back home in his native country, embrace his African American roots and address underlying social evils prevailing in the US at the time was through verbal battles which he often engaged in during his time in the slammer. Once back in New York, Tech took to the streets to battle this time with his wit, swagger, talent and blatant disrespect rather than his fists. Championing the underground circuit at the time Tech decided to turn his talent into a career so he began focusing on production and converting all the rhymes that he had amassed in jail into some sort of debut album.

 Although his critically acclaimed Revolutionary Vol.1 sold only 3000 copies it cemented him as one of the hardest emcees in the game. The Viper King’s undeniable talent has landed him more than one major record deal with a massive label but he refuses to sign with any for fear that they would milk him like a puppet. Taking on and battling any form of authority, The Tech’s activism ranges from the pure courageous, opposition of oppression by governmental foreign policies such as preemptively attacking countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and hopefully not Iran! And prison reform programs, to the downright outrageous legalization of hemp in the United States.

The twist in the tale is that some people feel that what Immortal Technique is trying to pull off is a gimmick and that he is picking up on some sort of America hating fad. Fortunate enough to catch this emcee live during the ‘Rock The Bells’ Tour at the Jones Amphitheatre in New York, all I can say is that Tech is a sort of rage on the stage. He’s an artist who raps from the ground level upwards, he’s someone who actually lives it and is embedded in the community he represents. Prior to the event he was selling t-shirt’s at his stall and at the same time was able to hold his own, headlining the festival with the likes of the god emcee ‘Rakim’ and ‘A Tribe Called Quest’. Tech has since gone on to be personally responsible for ‘The Green Light Project’ where he has tied up with Omied International to build orphanages, clinics and schools in war ravaged cities like Kabul, Afghanistan.

 So to answer the question of whether this is a gimmick or not for The Technical One, I hope there reaches a stage where all of us become 1% of the man he is. You ain’t going to see any of those young cats throw millions of dollars away to spend their own personal money helping the oppressed and at the same time to FIGHT THE POWER!!!!

 “I predict that with time, Tech's occupation will shift more and more towards revolutionary rather than rapper. We need strong leaders and role models to bring down Babylon. No question he'll keep doing what he does, what's important is that no one lets him fight alone.”

                                                                                         – BHH, New York.

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  1. DoPeRoPe says:

    We need more hard rappers like Tech in India. Great Article BHH.

  2. BHH, New York... says:

    Tech coming to India is a long shot…He might ruffle the establishment if you know what I mean. But I promise that Tech will answer all questions we have for him right here!!!

  3. 39 says:

    he is 1 o da sickest!!

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