Paris based designer Mehul Patel, proprietor of men’s clothing brand Osiyan has decided to give Mumbai and India its own brand of hip hop wear, completely inspired by pure local themes but on a hip hop tip.

 Osiyan designs clothes and accessories in the European fashion capital, but they have not yet invaded the local market. In their first foray here, they have sent sample T shirts, two of which have been presented to, and as always, we will give the apparels to those who make us what we are, and that is you, the readers.

So in our typical style, we will set up a quiz, not a tough one like the sneakers one, but one that proves you’re a hip hop head if your answers are correct, and of course the winners will be proud owners of the 1st Osiyan T Shirts in India.

The Ts are in two sizes, one is medium, the other is large. It features a rickshaw sitting on Ds (rims) with the caption THIS IS HOW WE ROLL.

The quiz will go up tomorrow at midnight, and after 25 hours, we will announce who the lucky winner/s is/are

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  1. Tanmay anand says:

    I also want to become a fashion designer would you want to see my designs please reply

  2. SARJAN Singh says:

    I m from punjab I m garments WHOLESALER i require hip hop t Shirt Pls call me on 8824885261

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