JohanMoving back to our segment called Snapshot we catch up with a budding European DJ who is set to create waves across the electronic music industry in the next few years. In comparison to other house music DJ's, Johan takes a different approach of mixing genre's to create his own unique sound. His critically-acclaimed remixes of Kanye's 'Homecoming' and Kid Cudi's 'Cudder is back' has established Johan as an artist on the rise and one to watch out for in the future. Now being a part of Sweden's premier label, Joia Records, the 20 year old seems to move only from strength to strength. 

1.   Tell us a little about yourself. What’s your background, where did you grow up, how old you are and how did you get into dj’ing?

I grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden and played guitar in an Indie-rock band until the age of 14. After that I started to listen a lot to house and I discovered music production. I discovered how much creativity and ideas the computer opened up, and it all went from there. I was 15 years old the first time I played in a club.

2.   You are quite a unique DJ who does tributes to hip hop artists? First was the tribute to Kanye West and now an amazing track for Kid Cudi. How did this happen?

Well it’s easy! I listen to a lot of hip hop & Indie music actually, so sometimes when I work on projects I fill them out with samples I like, last time from Mr. Kid Cudi! I just do that for fun but people really seem to appreciate my work!

3.   Has hip hop influenced your life as much as electronic music? Who are some of your musical influences in both genre’s of music?

Actually I’m an all-listener. I think there is good and bad tracks in every genre. I like to bring inspiration from different genres to explore the possibilities of electronic production. I’m very influenced by artists who create a new-thinking sound and unused ideas. Artists from Röyksopp, Trentemöller, Justice all the way to Kid Cudi and even Mozart is an inspiration! Mostly I prefer brand new tracks that I haven’t heard before!

4.   As David Guetta has just opened the flood gates with his collaborations with Akon, B.E.P and Kelly Rowland and now with the Swedish House Mafia and Pharrel, do you think this will be the future of music? Merging of both genres to create something called Dance Hip Hop or what are your thoughts on this?

Even though David’s draw was a very commercial thing in my ears it was very well done and it’s fun to see how the genres mix up together. I think it brings a lot to the house genre and opens the doors for non-house listeners, which will grow the house scene a lot thanks to Guetta!

5.   Can you tell us some hip hop artist you would want to lend you his vocals for a track?

Big fan of Kid Cudi and Kanye West but a collaboration there is only to dream of (for now, haha). I have some really talented guys thou that I’m currently working with so we will see what the result will sound like! One I would really like to work with is Swedish Robyn and Lykke Lii!

6.   We hear that you are working on a hip hop track? Tell us what this is all about?

As I wrote I’m working on a couple of hiphop tracks! I produce a lot of genres besides house. You really need to learn both if you should be able to mix them together, which is my idea for the future work. 

7.   What’s the market like or the club scene like for both dance music and hip hop in Europe?

As I am from Sweden music production is very common between friends, in many genres. Even though music production interest is big the Swedish club scene is very bad in the electronic genre even thou it’s rapidly growing. All though Europe is the heart for House music. The Hip Hop scene has it’s majority in USA which also has it’s Minority of Electronic music. But as the world gets more and more globalised the music genres is as well, and Electronic music like House and Dance is growing very, very fast!

8.   What are your thoughts about India? When you begin touring India would you consider collaborating with any Indian Mc’s or DJ’s for a Hip Hop Dance track or club bangers as they call em?

I have never been to India but it seems like a really interesting country and is one of the countries’ I really would like to visit. The Indian music industry is very different from the central-European. But as I’m looking for new sounds and forward-thinking productions I’m open for a lot of collaborations including the ones suggested! 


It’s astounding how Johan Wedel was able to take so little (some Lady Gaga oh’s, two Cudder verses (from “Whenever” and “Cudder is back”), and some Vampire Weekend (“Ottoman”) and make so much from it.

Johan is definitely an artist to watch out for in the future. You know a star in your presence and we thought that the readers at should definitely be the first ones in India to be introduced to a DJ/Producer with such supreme talent. He's considering touring India at the end of the year and may even be a part of some huge festival in Goa. Johan we wish you the best for the future and one day when you’re making music for Weezy, Jeezy or even Sleezy (someone is gonna be called that for sure in the future) don't forget us!!!!!!

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