J-LoYesteryear diva Jennifer Lopez is still trying to resuscitate her music career which has been in the ICU for about a decade now. The lady who once ran the show like Beyonce does these days just seems to have lost the fizz. Her last track Fresh Out The Oven was a disaster from the day it dropped before Sony Music finally cut her loose. She however got a less lucrative contract with Def Jam almost immediately, but I’m sorry to say her career ain’t going nowhere just yet. The new jawn sounds like straight out of her old J. Lo album, it's like the same guy produced it with the same instruments.  But at least she’s got American Idol to give her shine in the mean time.

Listen to her new track It Was You below.

Jennifer Lopez – It Was You by a.nahil

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  1. festo says:

    lovely site guys but bob, yes u, haha, pls tweak the settings so that when i want to read a post it doesn’t interrupt my audio pleasure

  2. admin says:

    OK Festo, we will look into that technology

  3. lisa says:

    maybe she’s trying to revive the magic from before ..but not really

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