PROFILE: DJ DiabolikAl


Name: Allen Claudius

Stage Name: DiabolikAL

Skill: Engaging the audience using the mic and Hustling, of course :)

What are your associations/Event Organizers, clubs?

I have most recently worked with MC DJs – Moose and Silvr. Apart from spinning individually, I guess the 3 of us make a good "commercial" team. Haven’t tied up with any event mgt company, though. Yet.

How and when did you get started in DJing?

 I started out this year, post complete recovery from my 2nd death defying bike crash. I realized that if I did not actualize my childhood dream at least now, I only existed in mass.

How far do you hope the game can take you?

When I've opened for some international acts, it would just be the beginning of things to come!

Your current thoughts about the hip hop scene in India? Do you think there is something lacking and if so, what is it?

Hip Hop doesn’t really attract the crème de la crème out here. It’s the broke teenagers who make it to most of these gigs. At the same time, scenes differ in various parts of the country. For instance, Bangalore is huge on Hip hop. There's a very ghetto club out there that spins only hip hop, 7 days a week. However Mumbaikars need to have much more knowledge of what actual hip hop is. You know, beyond Pitbull, Akon and Flo Rida!

What lacks, is the coverage Hip hop gets in the media whenever there are big names spinning. If its house, everyone goes ga ga, even though they may not "get" the genre per se. It’s got more to do with the kind of crowd people want to be "seen" clubbing with.

Your current thoughts on the state of hip hop worldwide?

It’s gaining acceptance, more so with the older audience (by that, I mean people older than 19). They seem to realize if they gotta have fun, they gotta get crunk. Well not really crunk, but they most certainly gotta get down with it. That's what’s up :)

PS: And I guess what Akshay Kumar and Sharukh are doing, is appreciable, by signing on the likes of Snoop, Akon n Luda! We may just succeed in converting the bolly crowd! LMAO..

Do you think Indian hip hop has a future?

It most certainly does, with super acts like the most recent Bombay Bassment gig (that I unfortunately missed but sampled over n over on SoundCloud) or hindi rappers like Ishq B cracking into the scene. Then there's the under dogs Yung Thug and Microphon3, who just need the right launch pad to spiral. And with DJ's like Shameless incorporating emcees in their gigs, like the Swagger Night at Rock Bottom with BHH's BobKat and Ishani, things will only get better.

Your top pick of the artist of the year (2010) internationally? 

Drake. I thought his music is very earthy n brash at the same time!

Your top 5 hottest tracks right now?:-

1)  Dirty picture – Taio Cruz

2)  Tipping In the club – Nelly

3)  Light up – Drake

4)  On to the next one – Jay Z

5)  All I do is win – T Pain

Best rappers dead/alive? Name any 5:

1)  Tupac Shakur

2)  The Game

3)  Jay Z

4)  Snoop Dogg

5)  Eminem

Something that annoys you when you’re in a club?

When am requested for Bryan Adams or Bollywood, when am spinning hip hop!

Something you’d never do in your gig:

play the above genres of music :)

Where can we catch you next?

When my hustling lands me that next gig!

What can we expect from you in the near future?

Having entered the game pretty late, I have a lot of catching up to do. But then, I have my direction and goals sorted out. What you most certainly can expect though, is never to cease moving when am spinning up there. Cos when everything else ceases to make sense, my music takes over! I truly am invincible and arrogant. And no, am not exaggerating: p

Comments (23)


  1. Max says:

    This dude is too brutal with the truth, well done Al

  2. ROB says:


  3. Mr. Throwdown says:

    Hindi rappers like ISHQ B?….

    your joking right?

  4. Shreya says:

    Way to go DiabolikAL :) All the Best !

  5. Divya says:

    Agree with your comments on the mumbai hip hop scene… Here’s hoping u can draw the right crowd!!! Cheers and all the very best

  6. Nandini says:

    this Dj’s gonna rock the world soon… way to go Al :)

  7. Aditya says:

    This guy has some real TALENT and is the next BIGGG thing in the Indian hip hop scene!

  8. Ninisha says:

    Well i agree to wat Dj Diabolikal has got to say…the Indian audience still doesnt know the real Hip Hop… i think ur taste in hip hop is great, u’ve got the top 5 just right…Ur techinically perfect and i think u have got SHOWMANSHIP when ur spinning.. Cheers n all the best!!!!

  9. Cindy says:

    If ever you land a gig in Bang Bang City, witHout a doubt I’m there. Way to go DiabolikaL!

  10. Cindy says:

    If ever you land a gig in Bang Bang City, witHout a doubt I’m there.
    Way to go DiabolikaL, pRoud of you!

  11. 39 says:

    wud love 2 hear u spin!!

  12. Ishani says:

    Way to go!!!!! woohooo!!!!

  13. DiabolikAL says:

    Thanks Max, 39 and Rob, what’s the point if u can’t speak ya mind huh? :)
    M actually pretty serious Throwdown, I mean he’s doing his best so he deserves credit.
    Ma ladies and home boi, thanks for the support y’all ;)
    N what would I do or where would I be, without my mentor?! :)

  14. MJ says:

    Thats some pretty straight facts bro..welldone..keep it hip-hop!!!

  15. Mani says:

    hot-stuff DiabolikAL, cheers

  16. Nisha says:

    DJ DiabolkAL, ONE of a kind! great going!!!!

  17. Titus says:

    DJ Diabolik a.k.a. DiabolikAL – You rock behind the console!! The arrogance n the attitude with the mixes.. Wooooo!!! It was truly a mesmerizing night.. I’ll soon have to take an appointment to meet ya :)

  18. Sahil W says:

    The best Hustler I have heard in a looonnnggg time….keep it up….. cant’t wait to attend the next gig….Keep up the original style DiabolikAL….

  19. DiabolikAL says:

    Thanks y’all ;)
    Can hardly wait to spin either, maself..

    Mani – appreciate the support..

  20. Chip says:

    I missed that night but heard my friends saying that it was awesome. DJ Al rocks!

  21. Kaushal says:

    I’m a Rapper
    my stage name is KD
    I need a DJ to create me Hip Hop Beat instrumental
    so I can use that instrumental in my Rap song.
    can you?

  22. Rizzy Ro says:

    Reasons fo failure of rap music in india
    1 Yo Yo honey singh
    2 Searching on google “FASTEST RAPPER ON EARTH”
    3 Eminem is a King of rap (ie tupac sucks)
    4 Rapping chipmunks in bollywood songs ie ABCD
    5 NO AUTHENTIC rapper Rocky the rapper(A$AP Rocky) shady rapper ( slim shady)
    Addin rapstar to there name. Like rapstar vicky

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    This article has trduly peaked my interest.

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