Kinga-Rhymes1 .Name: Sahir

2. Stage Name: Kinga Rhymes (King of Rhymes ) a.k.a Kinga Crimes (King of Crimes)

3. Skill: I am a rapper, singer, freestyler and producer.

4. What are your associations/Event Organizers, clubs?
.I have performed  at Malhar ,Umang and Yuvana .Participated events organized by URL and a couple of gigs here and there not much really. We also performed with my crew “THE SKY UNDERGROUND “at Umang as Umang’s got talent hunt winners.

5. How and when did you get started in emceeing?
Since I was a child I was addicted to music and had a thing for it, I wasn’t really good with spoken words, so at the age of 13 or 12 I started writing poems, then they turned to raps and then I started singing with it and that’s when I got really addicted to all this and started recording at the age of 15. I was really influenced with Biggie ,Pac ,Kanye West ,KRS-1,Wu Tang Clan and Bone Thugs n Harmony the most. As a singer I was really hooked on to R.Kelly ,Drake from his  mixtapes ,Mary J Blige ,Lauryn Hill and Jay Sean. All of them inspired me to make my own music something worth listening.

6. How far do you hope the game can take you?
I think the game takes you nowhere until yoi want to go somewhere. According to me, the game’s just a medium for introducing yourself to everyone and getting exposed .It’s up to us where we take the game and I am here to bring a change here .The game never discriminates, it’s us who do that, the games always fair .So according to me the game’s gonna take me really far, that is if I work hard for it.

7. Your current thoughts about the hip hop scene in India. Do you think there is something lacking and if so, what is it?
The hip hop scene in India is at its growing stage which is gonna explode like the big bang really soon .I see hip hop nights happening at clubs almost every week, and freestyle battles happening once in 2 months .So there’s is a lot of scope here .One thing I think they lack is there aren’t any cyphers here going on coz apart from the freestyling, cyphers are really important as you get to drop knowledge as a part of a freeverse and there’s more lyricism and more flow changes and punch lines coz after all the dissing and cussin, hip hop is all about spreading the love. J

8. Your current thoughts on the state of hip hop worldwide?
I think hip hop is getting back to where it was before.I don’t see the golden age of hip hop coming anytime soon, but new artists like J Cole , BoB and Drake  are holding it down and bringing something new to this game .Kanye West and Eminem are keeping the essence of hip hop alive, but frankly speaking, it’s not the same like it use to be .The games changed and we have to accept the fact and try to change it right? coz I can’t really go on and listen to senseless shit and see all of my favorite artists underground .

9. Do you think Indian hip hop has a future?
Hip Hop in India definitely has a future and a bright one .It’s struggling, but its gonna be real big in a decade I guess. As they say before the light, there is darkness so never give up

10. Your top pick of the artist of the year (2010) internationally?
I have to say Kanye West, I heard four songs and I am totally addicted to them especially runaway

11. Your top 5 hottest tracks right now?
J Cole -premeditated murder 

Kanye West – runaway

Joe Budden – pray for me

B.o.B – don’t let me fall

Lupe fiasco – I’m beaming

12. Best rappers dead/alive? Name any 5:
1.Biggie Smalls

2. Tupac

3. Immortal Technique

4. Kanye West

5.Lupe Fiasco

13. Something that annoys you when you’re in a club?
I guess what the most annoying thing is when there aren’t really much old skool dance songs being played but except that everythings good .

14. Something you’d never do in your gig:
hhhmmm I guess I wouldn’t never really sing something soulful there ….or lyp sync .

15. Where can we catch you next?
After my 12th board exams get over I’ll be at anyplace where there’s a hip hop night, or a place or collage where me and my crew can perform.

16. What can we expect from you in the near future?
My whole 20 track mixtape is gonna be up for download from 21th of this month and the course of three years that is till I get 19 I’ll be dropping 1 more mixtape and 5 albums of my own production ,all these album are linked with each other and follow a whole 7 album set story. And I’ll be dropping a video for a contest .Till the end of this year I’ll also launch the video for my single “CAN I ASK” and a lot more.


Listen to Kinga Rhymes track Can I Ask below.


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  1. Ap says:

    I like that song bro

  2. Encroach says:

    good shit homie…the sky underground…

  3. kinga rhymes says:

    thanks guys …. appreciate it :)

  4. 39 says:

    dass ma mayne!!
    all da best b!!

  5. Holy Thug says:

    nice shit bro…..u sing well..god bless!!!!

  6. kinga rhymes says:

    @ace and holy thug ….thnx guys

  7. J.J. says:

    whoa, first time there is no hating in an artist’s profile, cool victory of positive over negative energy. Track is good tho’

  8. Mats says:

    That’s Kwel bro ,
    butttt do U know india’s YounGest freestyle MC

  9. Mats says:

    That’s Kwel bro and you know what , i think you’re gonna kick some real stuff out,
    butttt do U know india’s YounGest freestyle MC

  10. kinga rhymes says:

    @j.j and max …thanks guys … mats i dnt knw who indias youngest mc is ….

  11. anuj totla says:

    hey kinga gud wrk…ur progressing day by day,,u hav a gud future giv ur best…m stil waitin fr ur best…gud wrk…:)

  12. DiabolikAL says:

    Awesum track, feeling it mayne.. :)

  13. kinga rhymes says:

    thanx …. @diabolikal

  14. djaman says:

    wow nice

  15. THE YALLYYOMAN says:

    man ya on high beam…m the yallyyoman.. rapper n freestyler… get me at 08956166602

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