Twitter, Facebook or Myspace, do they really help in the entertainment industry? Well, pundits have been betting on the power of social media and online marketing, and celebrities and wannabe celebs too have been enjoying the narcissistic indulgence of imagining that fans want to know even when you’re going to the loo. That was until Soulja Boy dropped his album DeAndre Way a few days back. Soulja Boy is one of the most popular rappers on Twitter with 2.5 Million followers. In fact he's so popular on the social network that he gets paid to by Twitter to tweet. On an average, the rapper has over 20 tweets every day, and on the day he dropped his album, he had over 70 tweets, about half of which were directly promoting his album. But when the sales figures came in, DeAndre sold only 13,000 units. that's even less than his 1st album which pushed a relatively more respectable 45,000 units when he wasn't even that big on twitter, so what happened?

well, I guess social media is still a study in progress, just because there are thousands of people on your friends list, doesn't mean they all love you, some of them just wanna enjoy the drama that you are.

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