Mani1Ok I know I did Marimba last week, but apparently that was the only hip hop gig I caught wind of this weekend. Besides, it was a white party, the thought of clubbing like Diddy was too alluring, so faithfully I succumbed to my calling and as always, came back to report it. In my opinion, it wasn’t bad.

There was a decent enough crowd as always, and thank God, there were disco lights working the place, at least that made it feel less like a banquet hall with an after party.

Guys and gals were well dressed, many in white, but I couldn’t get a photo op of a sea of white as I had anticipated as many people don’t get it that in a white party, well you come dressed in white. But anyway there was a decent show nevertheless, that’s until the cops came in and shut down the party, damn, it was only 1.30 AM. In fact the hip hop was over before I got there so I had to do with the house all night. Anyway, for a peep at what went down, here are the snaps.

Amanda n Melroy never fail to represent[

Amanda and Melroy never fail to represent

There was no shortage of honeys

There was no shortage of honeys

Two of Mumbai's best

Two of Mumbai's Best

I expexted a sea of white

I expected a sea of white

Top MC Ace was not to be left out

Top MC ACE was not to be left out

Ali mesmerized them ladies

Ali mesmerized them ladies

Hooked up with my old friend DJ Amar

Hooked up with my old friend DJ AMAR

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  1. mani says:

    true … th nyte wos okay … cud av beem much better

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