The highly anticipated Kanye West-Jay Z album has already began unraveling.

The first single off the album H.A.M by the two hip hop titans has just been released today Tuesday the 11th.

Opinion on the track is as usual, as divided as always is on anything by the two ex label mates.

The sound is orchestral, like some deep movie sound track with a slow tempo on which they rap alternating slow and double pace. 

Jigga seems to handle the double better, but as far as content goes, it’s the usual “I’m too good for the rest” hip hop swag. And the big question, what is the meaning of H.A.M? Hard As A Muthaf***er.

I think it will probably drive stans wild, but personally I think I’ve heard better from the two artists.

H.A.M. – Kanye West & Jay-Z by SunsetintheRearview

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