This week marks the 14th anniversary of the death one of if not the greatest rapper ever, Notorious BIG.

It was 14 years ago that the bulky rapper fell down to an assassin’s bullet in LA after attending a Soul Train Awards after party hosted by Vibe. Those were scary days in hip hop, his rival and former close friend Tupac had just been gunned down in Las Vegas a few months earlier, and tension between the west and the east coast were so high that rappers from one coast couldn’t perform in the opposite one.

BIG will always stand out as the gentle giant whose lyrics were always witty, often harsh, but rarely pitiful or loaded with hatred. His laid back style which was an original at the time made him stand out, hearing him once was enough to recognize his voice whenever you heard it again.

In memory of this legend, we got a special dedication right here, the first Biggie track I ever heard…


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    CLASSIC !!!

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