Green-Lantern1Former Shady Records and Eminem DJ Green Lantern was in Mumbai yesterday. The world famous DJ hit the stage at Blue Frog in Lower Parel, and I can tell you it was worth every bit of currency if you paid for it. His high powered uptempo style definitely won the hearts of the audience as many danced and sweated till it felt like there was no AC in the joint.

The gig was courtesy of VH1 and I can tell ya, this is how events are organized. Reminiscing on DJ Whoo Kid's gig that was in Puro (Bandra) a few weeks ago, I'd say the latter DJ was given a raw deal as probably only 50 people turned up at that show despite the fact that both DJs are on the same level.

DJ Green Lantern whose real name is James D'Agostino also reaffirmed to me how Mumbai hip hop DJs are as on point as ever, I didn't hear more than a few new tracks that I haven't heard before at our Desi DJ parties, so Mumbai DJs' if you listening, keep it up.

Check out the pics of the night that was.


DJ Green Lantern reppin' in Blue Frog


Crowd was massive and feeling it


Ace was in tha house with his crew


Ok, some hot chic with a dude


Amanda and Vinny chillin with some hip hop heads


DJ Monty looking as fresh as ever


Shoaib was reppin' Surat in the house


Yep, luv that Homer T Shirt. The pink dress is cool too.


Throwin up a dubb


And more chics in the house


Ok, they sure didn't mind, DJ or no DJ, they were in heaven.


Oops, Amanda 1nce again


Ma boy Romit Learning Mumbai nightlife


The legendary DJ Chandu chillin with DJ Darius.

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  1. shoaib says:

    FULLON!!!! was very happy meetin old folks!!!!!! especially dj chandu & bob(mc bob)
    And i was FULLON 4 more!on’s

  2. mani says:

    love th comments on them pics … awesome

  3. Fiftybob says:

    Thnx Mani, shoaib, let us know when its burning in Surat

  4. Denno says:

    Mhh….looks lyk twas da bomb…where were yu fifty?

  5. Fiftybob says:

    Was behind the lens, taking the snaps

  6. abhishek shukla says:

    i want ur contavt no.. we r orgnising an event in indore so i wannta discusss bout that…….. contact at 8109964492

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