Well, it is about time we reanalyzed, who really are the most consistent artists in Mumbai?

After dropping a collabo with Encroach just days back, Kinga Rhymes is back with another track, and another video to go with it.

"Can I Ask" is a conscious hip hop jawn asking serious questions about a young urban kids life. Talking about the fakeness of the game and how he isn’t interested numbers or fame, to racism and stereotypes, this is definitely not your average wannabe rap song, it’s meant to make you ponder on issues that matter.

The track is off his upcoming mixtape Just Warming Up, and there is a remix coming up featuring Encroach and Justice.

Describing the motivation behind the track, this is how Kinga put it…

I am here to make soulful and real music thats my main motive and i am not here to run the game ,I am here to elevate it and I will drop another track in three days  called HEARTBREAKER .

Complete with the lyrics in the video just in case you can’t catch them in audio, here’s one track you should really comment on, no histrionics or illusions.

Let us know your take on it.


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