As a testament to how competitive the local rap game has become, we came across Saad Merchant AKA SME and were surprised that we hadn't known him before. The rapper may sound new to some of us, but he is a confident man with swag bordering on arrogance when he speaks, and the good thing is that he has the skill to back it up. Makes me wonder, how many more hot cats out there are still unknown to us? ?The rapper waxes philosophical, and will definitley be a welcome color to the rap game in both the style and content of his music.

Name - Saad Merchant

Birth Place – Mumbai

Quotes (Too many but here are a few) –

1) Silent waters run deep, but how shall wisdom spread if the wise don't speak. – S(aad) ME(rchant)

2) Cradle to the grave, all we do is rave and crave… raving to get payed and craving to get laid, ignorant life hangs on the edge of a blade. – SAAD

3) People say everything is possible, but if everything was possible then is not impossibility just another thing that could be possible.- SAAD MERCHANT

4)  "Through shame have i been humbled…but through humbleness shall i shame the shameless… just as fire cannot put fire out, but it takes water to do so" – Saad Merchant

5) According to me perhaps it is foolish when people say "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" because I believe – "you must keep your enemies close and your friends closest… because an enemy cannot even dream of destroying you in ways, your friend is capable of" – Saad MErchant

I Like

Rapping, thinking, philosophy, pc gaming, foods appealing to my tastes, and I love talking…

I dislike –

fakers, bad music, bad lyrics, bad jokes… bad stuff, in general… jokes aside, my dislike for a thing is temporary and permanent only till the thing/person changes to something more acceptable… so technically, I dislike – disliking things.

Why am I rapper? Why I think I can be a rapper?

I like talking and people have loved listening to me since I was a kid, when I heard rappers like Eminem and 2pac, actually spilling their guts out and emotionally expressing their deepest fears and desires to people, and people connecting with them because of the rhymes… I was like, "oh, I can do that, I think… let’s try"… so I tried and now I can rap pretty decently, haven't met a rapper in Mumbai yet, as to who I felt that I could not be better than with ease…. which is why I think I stand a better chance of success in rap here in Mumbai… but I say this out of honesty and not out of disrespect, those that doubt themselves and are guilty will take this as disrespect… I am not interested in beefs and battles, I think that kind of stuff should be left to the kids who like to squabble and quarrel over small bones with leftover meat… thus, if and whenever I do find a rapper that I feel, has love for "rap”, then I'd rather collaborate than beef.

What Else?

There's not much more I can say about myself, that would not take me pages to speak on satisfactorily… but since this is a hip-hop site, I’ve kept everything on me as rap-related as I could and as for the rest….
I think I'll let my R(ythm) A(nd) P(oetry) – R.A.P … do the talking.

- S(aad) ME(rchant)


LIsten to Saad on his track Glitch below.



To listen to more of Saad's music, click this LINK.

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  1. Nityam says:

    yo i can relate to what u are sayin , i believe in creating more good breed of Hip-Hop rather then beef’s and battles creating usless WAR . i’m a MC too would love to colab with you if you are really interested. I was struck hard with Outlandish’s music and i don’t know what connection i have with God , I had a dream to perform with them and it came true when i performed with OUTLANDISH in 2009 at Hard Rock Cafe . I don’t know how i made it to the stage but yea i fought my way out. You can contact me at and lets connect n contribute n create n control n conceptualize some cool n good shit:) my comrade:)
    PEACE :)OUt

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