Hip hop as an unfortunate obsession with homosexuality for some reason. My take? When someone is inexplicably obsessed with condemning something, he or she is hiding something. Hence the popular cat and mouse game of a secret gay rapper. The culture is notoriously homophobic to the point that the term Gay has been inducted into its lexicon to mean uncool.

So events from last week reveal the soft underbelly that hip hop has with “gayism”.

Renowned hip hop Radio jockey Mister Cee of Hot 97, probably the most famous hip hop radio station in the world was arrested recently for a lewd act in public. Rumors soon started swirling claiming that the jock had been caught getting head from a male prostitute. Mister. Cee’s colleague Funk Master Flex immediately swung to his defense saying those were ill intended lies. On the other hand, Charlemagne Da God, a DJ form rival station Power 105.1 FM, in a typical hip hop style taunted Hot 97 and Mister Cee over the incident, sparking a feud between him and Flex.

After the whole hullabaloo, 50 Cent too stepped I to give a piece of his mind, and surprisingly, he didn’t diss Cee who he says he plays for all his albums before he releases them.

It's only entertaining because he means that much to hip-hop culture and his association to it. I recognize Mister Cee as the guy who introduced us to 50. So he means that much to the culture. A lot of the kids who hear the radio don't hear him the same way. I've played my albums for Mister Cee. Every album before it came out to see what he thought. When this type of stuff happens, you keep pushing…They can say what they want about it, how about if you say, 'I'm Rick James, b*tch.' [laughs] How about if you say I don't care? Who is to judge you other when there is an audience that's probably one of the strongest audiences if you look at Lady Gaga's career that says that that's fine. If you say it's not fine, then you're gonna get attacked. You're gonna write apology notes.

Check this out, even Fiddy is treading carefully on this one? I think y’all better step back and recognize…

So there you have it hip hop, you have a soft gay underbelly, better choose your words wisely, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones

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