Zenzi 11-12-09

MC MalcolmYep, got into my spinning shoes again after a while on last Friday, venue was Zenzi Mills. Now, if you wonder what the crowd is like there, then u definitely ain't been living in this city. Unfortunately, I can't go on and on too much about what it was like because that would  tantamount to bragging big time, but I can tell for sure, I don't need a second opinion to certify that we blew the roof off that mutha. We as in, we had an MC called Malcolm representing, and a whole B-Boy crew called High Down in the house. The crowd was awed by the break dance moves unleashed on the floor by the B-boys and girl. After that came the beat boxers by the name Boxy Turvy. At first the crowd wasn't sure what was going on, but soon as they got it, it was all over the human machines. The high point came when Malcolm the MC combined with the Boxy Turvy to kick up some freestyle, that sure sent everybody watching over the top. All in all, it was a Friday night well spent.



B Boy going through the motions


Believe me it was on in Zenzi


Break dancing all the way


MC Malcolm showed them a new style, MCing over a human beat with Boxy Turvy



Crowd was feeling the show



Hi Down, the B Boy crew that rocked the night

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  1. BboyKill says:

    Looks like a dope night! Yalls shud get more crus and MCs at Zenzi.

  2. Fiftybob says:

    Fi real, they looking into that, I think it will happen 4 sho’, thanks for the suggestion.

  3. bboy Kill joy says:

    hats of 2 u guys……………..

  4. Bboy NV says:

    Thanku guys fo uploadin dis…

  5. Fiftybob says:

    Most welcome B Boyz Kill Joy & NV, all for love, its our pleasure to have u here

  6. bboy LUCi-O says:

    Thankz ..! ^_^

  7. Gmen says:

    mad props

  8. Kemi says:

    shouts !

  9. bboy tetrix says:


  10. Siddhesh Deshmukh says:

    nice..!! 8)

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