The Fader Effect

Mahesh has been DJ'in since the age of 15 and did his first major Nightclub gig at the age of 16 and also presented his own radio show at that age. A member of numerous DJ crews, Fader has allegedly played at clubs all over the UK and last year opened up for westcoast rapper The Game during his UK tour. He has also played alongside "The Alchemist" (American producer and also Eminem's official tour DJ), apart from spinning at venues in Europe and the US.
At the moment he does various nights across Leicester and the rest of the UK and is also working with a UK based Hip Hop group called "The Relik Mobb" and also with Canada's only Sri Lankan Rapper "Chikaadee" as part of The Nation Entertainment and World Wide Hustlers.
We asked Fader, what he made of the Hip Hop scene in the UK & India:
I wouldnt say that Hip Hop in the UK is dead, infact it's healthier than ever, but with genres like UK Funky House and Dubstep really coming to the forefront of the clubbing culture, to find a pure Hip Hop (and by that i mean the real true school hip hop, not that 50 Cent and Soulja Boy stuff) night is few and far between… Don't get me wrong, I myself play UK funky house and dubstep and i love a bit of 50 and Soulja Boy, but that true element of Hip Hop seems to be missing. For instance, Hip Hop Hijack Live at Enigma, one of the events by Laffin Gas Inc., that I checked out, is what i feel Hip Hop is all about….. It was just pure energy, with all the live acts, from the rappers, the band, the beatboxer, the dancers to the DJ's all doing their bit and bringing their vibe as individuals and as a collective and feeding the crowd all that energy was amazing, and to be part of this groundbreaking event was truly an honour and a blessing.

The hip hop culture is growing so rapidly (not just in Mumbai, but all over India) here, to be a part of it is just an incredible experience


You can follow Fader on Twitter @therealdjfader
or on Facebook Mahesh 'Fader' Bhatt

- DiabolikAL

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  1. Mickey K says:

    Big Up! Fader! All ya UK Slimes be missin you Fam!! Hip Hop aint dead Faders breathed life back into it! Fader be getting dem Goonies from Kerela to Dehli dancin! Stay Blessed!!!

  2. fader says:

    Big up Mickey K !
    and shouts to bombay hip hop for showing love and support !

  3. dan1 says:


  4. El Gambino says:

    Fader – still got them legendary mixtapes on minidisc! Hip hop ain’t dead if he’s in the hood.

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