Forming combination of some of the most famous rappers in Mumbai, Kinga Rhymes, Saad and Mumbai’s Finest member Divine have formed a formidable team to redo one of the most nostalgic sounds out of popular music in Mumbai with a track called She's Like.

With the hook of Roop Tera still intact, the three emcees take turns to spit verses about that favorite Bollywood topic, the girl you love/like, on the signature tune of the old Bollywood tune in a Divine production.

I gotta say it was about time someone gave this classic gem a hip hop twist. Given the fact that most of the local hip hop productions are home productions, I gotta give this one a thumbs up.


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  1. deejay aman says:

    very niceeeee

  2. Sen says:

    Shame on u 39 for trying to steal homeboy’s shine

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