If the success of Hijack Live was anything to go by, Hijack Live: II just blew things out of proportion.
The event, organised by Laffin Gas Inc., scheduled on Friday, ran to a packed house. For starters, things went right on schedule. DiabolikAL opened the concert with some slow jamz and then took it up tempo mixing up some good ol Old Skool and then blended it with some of that non commercial New Skool stuff. Uri took over from there, backing up the live acts with his delectable (I can say that, right?) style of scratching and mixing things up. I would never attempt to scratch when he is around, no way sir! Emcee's Boy Ricci, Microphon3, Mumbai's Finest and Skizzophonic did some heavy duty spitting and got the crowd into the groove. That was some good stuff and these boys are only gettin better. And whilst we are on mics, there was Alan and Avinash who did some of that amazing beat boxing. (And to think, the only noise I can make from my mouth is a burp)
Not to be left behind, the Divas from Urbanista, got them hearts racing with their swift moves and tutting. I am eager to see where they take the game from here. Girls indeed rule the world, gotta admit that! Lol..  ;)
Then the event got on to The Ish (Ishani) who spun some wicked tracks that blended brilliantly. I mean, I have been at this womans gigs (almost all of them) and can say that she was at her best. The crowd just couldnt stop dancing. Heck, am no dancer myself (real men dont dance) but could not help moving to that music! Then for the finale, Legacy did his bit on the turntables. He varied from Tupac to Jay Z, dropped some brand new stuff and some of the music we grew up to.
In all, was one helluva night, to say the least. Its movements like these, that make (Hip Hop) life worth the living. I cannot wait to see the next one go down! Lets hope that happens sometime soon.. :)
- DiabolikAL

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