Don’t you sometimes wonder where social workers were when Eminem says his mother was popping pills in front of him?

Well Mariah Carey had no luck as Em’s mom, the singer was paid a visit by social workers after they received an anonymous tip off that the singer was drinking while breastfeeding her twins.

The 41 year old singer’s lawyer Laura Wesser was present when she was interviewed by the social workers yesterday, who in the end concluded that the children were in safe hands and in a healthy environment.

According to hubby rapper Nick Canon, the singer was told to drink some Guinness beer so that she could start lactating, and he suspects that someone must have overheard the suggestion, and looking for a quick buck ran to the tabloids. This is how Cannon put it…

Guess someone maybe overheard that [suggestion], and this is a good way to make a quick buck, or call the tabloids.

The couple has been very secretive about the kids since they were born, but last week, Cannon claimed that someone leaked the birth certificates to the press, releasing the two tots’ names.

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