Apparently in hip hop, being considered a legend can be an unappreciated tag because more often than not, it means that you are relegated to just doing guest spots on other artists albums.

But in the case of veteran rapper Kool G Rap, that is nothing to worry about. The New York emcee has just dropped his 4th solo album, Riches, Royalty & Respect, one more in his long list of releases which add to a total of thirteen, if you include those that he dropped back in the day with partner DJ Polo and compilations.

The new album is described as having the same lyrical mastery exhibited back in the day, and coming from an emcee who counts Nas, Jay Z and Eminem as artists he’s influenced, that means serious rhymes by any standards.

The production is mainly handled by Rap’s close associate Domingo and Alchemist.

The guest spots are not heavy with traffic, with only Mobb Deep’s Havoc noted and a featuring artist on the track American Nightmare.

Old Skool will never die.

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