Beyonce is working overtime trying to get her new album “4” out on schedule, and before that, she is leaving no stones unturned in ensuring that there is enough anticipation for the project.

Barely a week after dropping a video for the Debut track Girls Who Run The World, the former Destiny’s child has released Best Thing I Never Had, a heart wrenching slow jam, that has Beyonce taking a position she rarely takes in her lyrics as she sings how this time she is the one who left, and he turned out to be the Best thing she never had.

She starts out singing What goes around, comes around, and continues to saying she must have been out of her mind, coz he did everything right, nothing wrong.

This one, worth dedicating to that shorty that doesn’t seem to realize that the G in you is for gentleman, and she’ll realize when it’s too late.

Best Thing I Never Had
by Beyoncé

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