It was Tupac Shakur’s birthday yesterday, and the rapper would be 40 years old were he alive. And has become custom, someone had to kick up some dust pertaining to the unsolved mystery of the rapper’s fatal shooting in 1996.

Jailed felon Dexter Isaac claims that he was the man who shot Tupac in a robbery that occurred in 1994, when the rapper was robbed of his jewelry and shot 6 times. Although he survived the attack, Pac came back more vicious than ever against his foes sparking the biggest feud in the history of rap music.

The significance of the attack is that many people suspect that Pac’s main rival and one time friend, fellow rapper B.I.G. was responsible for it, and by extension eventually responsible for the rapper’s ultimate slaying in 1996.

Despite this ugly episode and people who try to exploit it annually, Pac’s place in history will always be cemented; his track Dear Mama became the first rap track to be stored in the US Congressional library which only stores what is considered to be precious works of American art.

RIP Pac (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996).

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