So here's this new track that I chanced upon on FB, spreading like a virus. Released by Tanmay a.k.a Microphon3 in collaboration with DJ Chantz. I heard it, the first time around and didnt make much of it. Well, dont blame me, it was on my laptop speaker that doesnt do much. Then last night, as I was looking up some fresh tracks for my next gig, I saw the link pop up again and decided to give it a listen with my headphones on.


Man, everybody who is anybody would perhaps be able to relate to this track on some level. Its not bumpy nor is it a "song" but it just hits you where it matters the most. Makes you think of the stuff you put up with (although it seemed oh so nice back then) to get to where you are. I have played this atleast thrice (back to back) and found myself smiling at some parts of the track. I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND this to people who appreciate all the good stuff.

Listen to 66BPM below.


- DiabolikAL

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  1. kav e says:

    loved it……….n im happy people listen to such tracks aswell…it gives me confidence to put out my tracks

  2. VNM says:

    nice one, something outta the box
    keep it up bro

  3. MICROPHON3 says:

    Thank you. For the record, the beat is off You Tube and not an original production.

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