R&B diva Rihanna has had the press guessing what's up with her love life eternally.

Recently after a show in Montreal, the singer gave scribes another chance to guess what she’s been up to, she appeared in a club called Theater Talus with  ex boyfriend Drake. The two had drinks and soon RiRi was looking tipsy, then they started cozying up, then they hit the floor where they began grinding to the music. At the end of their night out, they left together and headed to, err yes, her hotel room.

According to Drake, they had a fling in the past which ended when she dumped him. Their appearance in the video of What's My Name, in which they play out a romantic theme, set off rumors claiming the two were back together. That may have been farfetched, but the Montreal saga seems to say, where there is smoke, there’s definitely a fire.

Watch "What's My Name" Below


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