So young money rapper Drake isn’t saying much, but Rihanna is vehemently denying it, and the rumor mill believes where there is smoke there is fire.

As we reported last week, the couple was spotted all over each other in a club in Canada when Rihanna was in town for her ‘Loud Tour’, but RiRi denied anything like that happened. Well, but as we know, pictures, especially paparazzi pictures don’t lie, here is good evidence of how close the two were that night.

The couple has also been romantically linked in the past, and Drake even admitted that he had a relationship with Ri Ri, but felt used when she dumped him. Despiote that, Rihanna still denies anything more than platonic ever existed between them.

Anybody still believe Rihanna?

Check out the pic below which was obtained by TMZ.

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