1 .Name: Dhaval Parab

2. Stage Name: -D'EVIL

3. Skill: -Rapping, Basic production (making instrumentals).

4. What are your associations/Event Organizers, clubs?
-Well i am just associated with my Crew – Munky Rhymz and independently perform in colleges and sometimes Clubs

5. How and when did you get started in emceeing?
-Since school I was into poetry. However the kind of vocabulary I composed and the kinda straight forward approach I had in poems, it best suited for the rap genre. Hence I took up rap music as my passion cuz I enjoyed Rapping! Also was inspired by a couple of Eminem songs and felt even I should do it myself! I started at the age of 17. Was just into writing lyrics then later learnt how to record my songs. I recorded my first rap song, then and people liked it. So I went on experimenting and then I never stopped.

6. How far do you hope the game can take you?

- Wherever the game takes me, I will always be my own judge! Sky is the limit here will keep on doing new stuff in rap and will keep improving till the time I can. I will always express myself as much as I can. Whether it takes me far or not wouldn’t be my focus. I am in this game cuz it gives me satisfaction.

7. Your current thoughts about the hip hop scene in India. Do you think there is something lacking and if so, what is it?

Well as far as the emcees here are concerned, we are lacking the culture, or maybe most of them are unaware of what it is exactly. The reason behind the evolution of rap music is something that we are not aware of. Most of the rappers here are doing this for image that they want to make for themselves. We are focusing more on comparing ourselves with other rapper in the west, the flow, accent, delivery. We should work towards creating something of our own that we can claim it as ours, and not be narrow minded about our execution in rap music. About the audience, well now we can’t say that it’s their fault, we are not able to make them relate to our stuff. We have put them in this habit of not listening to the lyrics but only the beat and nod heads. Due to lack of knowledge about the hip-hop culture, they have built a perception about this music.

8. Your current thoughts on the state of hip hop worldwide?
-  Hip hop has really made its place in the music world. However, only in the limited areas. It still has to spread worldwide. Everyone in the world have their comfort zone when it comes to choice of music. Once they realize the power of this genre, it will slowly start getting absorbed by people worldwide

9. Do you think Indian hip hop has a future?
-  If we really take hip hop seriously and set our own identity as Indian Rappers, then sure, we can make our own future, however, if we believe in narrow minded creation or rap music, referring to the American rappers, we would always be looked down upon.

10.Your top pick of the artist of the year (2010) internationally?
Artist of the year: Eminem for Recovery and Hell the sequel with Royce

11.Your top 5 hottest tracks right now?
A) Life in a Fast lane (Eminem and Royce)

B) Sound Off – Slaughter House
C) G.O.A.T – Eminem
D) Dr Dre – There They Go (ft. Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg & Melloe Won)
E) Lighters (Hell the sequel)

12.Best rappers dead/alive? Name any 5:
2) Tupac
3) Jay-Z
4) Xzibit
5) Big L

13. Something that annoys you when you’re in a club?
Everything – the DJ playing bollywood item numbers, the club owner, people bragging about themselves, I hate everything about clubs, I am also writing a song on it. I personally don’t like to visit clubs, If I go to one, you will find me outside the club free styling or catching up with other rappers.

14. Something you’d never do in your gig
-Smoke Weed, Drink or not rehearse!!

15. Where can we catch you next?
- You can catch me anywhere. I might be in your college performing with my crew, maybe outside a club or a hip-hop party, or on the internet posting my recorded songs!

16. What can we expect from you in the near future?
I am almost done with my solo mixtape ‘’MadMan’’ also another EP with Hardknok ‘’The Unlikes EP’’ and a mixtape with my crew Munky Rhymz ‘’Rhymescheme’’ will be dropping singles in between. Also a lots of college fest shows coming up during the college festive season. Whatever I do, whatever the future of hiphop will be, You will still see me rapping and doing songs, Kicking it old school, ha ha ha ha!!

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  1. Thanks a lot Bob Omulo for this exposure !!

  2. lol says:

    You’ll never make it! stop embarrassing yourself plz…

  3. @lol thanks ! hey i didnt know you get free hater here too! :P hahahah! nice!

  4. Stax says:

    You definitely got one of the most powerful voices in the local scene. Haters are like flies, u must expect them nearby where there is good food. Hope to hear more of your stuff.

  5. Suck a Dick or Die Tryin says:

    Get a Job Dhaval this rap shit aint for you boi. And yeah you can call me a Hater or a Fly its because you aint nothin but a Delusional fool.

  6. Real Money says:

    D’evil, u the bomb, not heard an other artist this good, you should promote yourself more, many rappers are more famous than you but not as good.

  7. lol says:

    Request to admin.. plz dont detele this comment, you are running and i bet you know what whack means and if someone points out the whachkess of the situation then plz let it be known… hip hop is all bout speakin out and lettin yourself go in every form, all the elements of the culture combined… respect it instead of becomin a part ” i only support good comments which involves no politics and shots” you’ve choosen to be in this hiphop game and this is what we do… speak the truth out, so… hope you get my point.. 1.

  8. The Empire. says:

    Its so boring to have a computer keep on spamming its just the same thing put across in different language like somebody who has to be right all the time. Its also so sad to see how some follow pathetic moves like their idol 50 cent a confirmed snitch and I album wonder who was lucky he got signed .
    The whole industry aint like Ja Rule which has been the only thing 50 cent could destroy .I mean you say your a gangsta and have squad cars protection G Unit members from being shot the way 50 cent was. Snore.

  9. Fly Guy says:

    No one is gonna call u a hater, LOL as in Hahahaha, u r a freaking hater, and you don’t even know it LOOOOOOL, that’s gotta be pathetic. Dhaval, be happy, someone can’t sleep b’coz of ur skillz, hehehe, sorry, LOL

  10. Fly guy need to Zip up says:

    It is what it is fool this Dhaval guy of yours is Freakin WACK. If u dont know now you know unless you still lame who thinks he got skillz, now thats really pathetic of you. smh

  11. Empire. says:

    “It is what it is fool ” Truly somebody who is so thick skinned has to come back again and voice an opinion even if you have been proven wrong. I mean if the world wrestling federation is hiring its better to put in a resume over there. I feel that this person was not invited to the recent royal wedding may be prince william did not know about the secret guy in the kitchen dropping dishes slipping on a wet floor drinking free alcohol when nobody’s looking plus spamming all around. You see we dont do things like news of the world

    The Result is “I Pity the Fool “

  12. Empire Strikes Back. says:

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  13. D'EVIL says:

    Thanks Fly guy, Stax , Empire and Real money!! appreciate your support!

  14. The Ruler says:

    Fuck you, your fly guy, stax, empire and real money, and also bhh for deleting my comment

  15. The Ruler says:

    you fools are delusioned and can never soak in the truth. its like throwing water on a ducks back. lol

  16. Empire Strikes Back Again. says:

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    Its more like 5 cents and not even half a dollar.

  18. Fire Spitter says:

    This dude must be good if someone can hate him with this much passion. And I won’t be surprised that D’Evil doesn’t even know who this hater is, that’s when you know you’re big, even nobodies have an opinion on you.

  19. D'EVIL says:

    Well! yes i dont know this guy is (the Hater) ! anyways thanks people for all the support! it really means a lot to me :)

  20. The Question. says:

    If the Hater is so much better than anybody else why?? doesn’t he form his own website, a forum a blog and post all his stuff there and comment about everything under the sun, nobody is stopping him or her its a free country and world.Its amazing that he keeps coming back here time after time and attempts to put people down using some shabby old tricks which are put across in a new manner like old wine in a new bottle. If the Hater is so good and is way above everybody why?? would you care to vent viciousness at somebody else knowing that you are better .I wonder what makes such a person tick???.If your so skilled on the mic and are better than some one is it so? that you have so much time to voice something and put across some insult and have some euphoric triumph like yes I won a duel,you don’t even have to be Einstein there truly is no logic at all to such behavior.Its simple if your the best and you know it why would anybody intelligent or smart indulge in something like this. If you were a student who came first in class would you have the time of day?? or have the thought cross your mind to see who came 12th 39th 47th last etc. Also what makes no sense at all is that the people being attacked probably don’t even know the hater??. Its like the case of being an enigma or some out of space force who likes to be unknown like in a play or secret agent James Bond or a mysterious creature who can suddenly come out of nowhere from the mist and scares you like something portrayed in cinema like Friday the 13th Part 6 it continues ………. So is the Hater a good theater actor?? an illusionist ??? Mr Hyde ??? R G V????? a spirit !!!! a master of marionettes ?? Boris Yeltsin ??? A beard ??? Clean Shaven ??? Soda ?? a script writer ??? AB Vajpayee???? an Eskimo??? a spiritual guru???? a disco dancer ???? a political demagogue??? A Diwali Firecracker ???? Yadav???? an astronaut???? A larceny expert ???? A super computer ???? A yogic head !!!!! Rajnish ???? a fast un to death announcer ???

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