Hip hop, and to be specific, the rap industry is fake big time. And no single figure embodies that more than Rick Ross, and that I believe is the primary motivation for most of the hatred that flows the rapper's way. But the irony is that despite his 'fake' status, his star has continued to rise, with the Miami rapper even making it to the Forbes Cash Kings top ten list of most paid rappers in the game today.

Bawse as he is fondly called by some, cut his teeth in rap building a fearsome image as a former drug king pin who had made a fortune trafficking cocaine worth millions before he decided to switch his energies to the mic. The man earned himself a reputation as one of the few braggards that can come close to Cash Money's Birdman in flaunting wealth, real and imaginary. Then it appeared to all come crashing down when DJ Vlad exposed a 'shameful' truth about Rick Ross' past. The man had not been a law breaker as he claimed; in fact he'd been a law enforcer, a correctional officer, that’s the brutal security officers who maintain discipline in prisons. With rap full of malefactors and wannabe criminals, that made Ross the biggest infiltrator who had ever penetrated the rap game. Now uncovered, it was just a matter of time before the burly MC lost all he had painstakingly built around the fake persona as well as name that he adapted from a real life drug trafficker. All rappers looking for a cheap victory started firing shots at the emcee, each lining up to flog the dead horse, and it all seemed over when 50 Cent, the man who destroyed Ja Rule, got into the ring to finish Bawse. With the impending release of BISD, 50 Cent fell for a challenge by Rick Ross who was about to release Deeper Than Rap. Thinking it was a walkover for him, 50 Cent and the recording industry were in for a rude shock when the G Unit leader's album performed so dismally and Rick Ross edged him out in the album sales competition. Controversy still surrounds who sold more, but the fact that Interscope had to influence the industry to modify counting standards on 50's album was telling enough of how the former top seller had dropped in stature, and at the same time, how Rick Ross couldn't be wished away. Although both emcees sold in the 500,000 range, this was consistent by Rick Ross’ standards, but dismal for 50 Cent who has sold over 1 million in a day in the past.

The fact that Rick Ross is still one of the best selling artists in the game today, is an insult to many rappers and fans who strongly believe that the game is meant only for ‘real’ artists. The meaning of real differs, but many seem to associate it with a harsh upbringing, and a few police records are a cherry to the cake. But for Rozay, a former cop to be at the top of the league, despite the fact that he no longer hides that he’s a former law enforcer, means the industry is now a real business and it’s indeed all about the sales and entertainment skills. This means that those who fancy or benefit from the hip hop’s criminal association will always be against Ross, while those who just want to hear club bangers don’t give a damn. As of now, the latter group seems to carry the day.

Rick Ross is not the first rapper to fake gangster connections just to get credibility, if at all anything, Gangsta rap has been built to a great extent by another certified faker. Dr Dre rapped about hustling, tasking out cops and even putting the chrome to the side of his homeboy, The Late Eazy E’s cap. Back in the early nineties, then the two gangsta rap pioneers were feuding, Eazy revealed that Dre was no gangsta or hustler and was only included in NWA because of his production skills, and later given a fake gangster image. Over a decade later in mid 2000s, Dre admitted that he never was a gagster, and that has never been him.

As of now, both Rick Ross and Dre seem to be doing fine in the game, with Dre certified to be a hip hop hall of famer. But only time will tell if Rozay will follow in Dre’s footsteps and become a hip hop legend too. But until then, he can expect more hate as he daily remind gangsta rappers and fans that they are as fake as he is.

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  1. Tank says:

    well written.

  2. Ketan says:

    LOL, thats some reality check

  3. patrice says:

    The boss is back rich4ever

  4. ZanolettiAl says:

    Regarding Dr Dre at least Dre himself had skills in making beats and sounds etc and even though he is no gangsta at all he was never a cop nor a snitch, Ociffer Ricky was a cop and it's vomitive to see a cop have success in an industry where not only your rhymes and flow are important but your actual background in the streets. 

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