Despite his star status and topping the charts last week, Game can’t have any privileges.
The Compton rapper was apparently kicked out of a restaurant because he has tattoos all over his body, and he was wearing a sleeveless. The management felt that that could potentially scare away customers according to a witness, and so asked him to leave.
The rapper however countered that saying he believes he was kicked out because of his race and not the tattoos. After the incident, Game hit up his fans on Twitter saying it was a racist move, and that he had shown the staff two white men who were also “inappropriately dressed” but were not being asked to leave, but they management would have none of that…
Game went on to write on Twitter that the restaurant had till then been his favorite, and now he was going to a different joint where people of color with tattoos are accepted.
But the manager of the restaurant responded saying that the rapper only pointed at a lone woman sitting at the bar and not two men, and that the sleeveless rule applies only to men and not women.
Hmmm, wonder who to believe.

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