Rap veteran and hot lyricist Mos Def has said that he is planning to retire his rap alias at the end of the year as he has lived up to its title, and he is ready to move on. He says that over the years, he built and cultivated a name which the streets taught him, a figure of speech meaning “Most Definitely” given to him by the culture and the environment he grew up in owing to his superb and respected skills as an emcee.

Talking to MTV, The veteran rapper who also forms a half of the Duo Blackstar with fellow rapper Talib Kweli, said that he has done quite a bit with that name and he plans to expand his horizons and does not want to have any moniker or separation between what he sees and what he knows himself as.  He will now go under the new name of Yasiin and not even his government name which is Dante Terrell Smith.

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