Prison officials have finally given an explanation as to why rapper T.I. was sent back to jail.

The rapper was apparently rearrested just hours after being released because of transacting business on the bus which picked him up from jail, which had his manager and 2 producers of VH1 were on board. After T.I. got down from the bus on reaching the halfway house where he was to spend the rest of his sentence till the end of the month, he immediately announced that he was going to shoot a reality show with VH1, which according to the authorities proved that he had been transacting business on the bus which is an offense.

The rapper’s manager and the VH1 producers have submitted letters ascertaining that they did not discuss business with the rapper on board, but the jail authorities are having none of that. The jailers also claim that the rapper lied to them that only his wife and kids would be on the bus. But T.I. denied the charge saying that he had only casually mentioned to a prison guard 3 months ago that his wife and kids would come to receive him when he was freed, and there was no discussion of who else would or would not come.

Initially the reason given was that the rapper took a tour bus instead of a Prison mode of transport, but after pictures recently emerged showing the rapper being escorted to the tour bus by prison staff, that reason was put to doubt.

But T.I.’s legal team believe the jail authorities are just making excuses after being caught red handed unfairly targeting the rapper.

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