Someone should slap the taste out of Jermaine Jackson’s mouth.

Still exploiting his younger brother, Michael Jackson’s legacy for some shine, Jermaine now claims that the family was ready to spirit the late King Of Pop out of the country had the courts found him guilty in the 2005 child molestation trial.

According to the elder Jackson, a private aircraft had been booked and was on standby ready to take Michael Jackson to Bahrain which does not have an extradition treaty with the US had the singer been convicted of the crime.

Jermaine however adds that he knew his brother was innocent and if the US would have decided otherwise, then the country did not deserve “them” coming back.

If they were going to sit and crucify my brother for something that he didn't do, America deserves us not to come back here.

Since MJ’s passing, various members of his family including his dad have been accused of seeking to exploit his legacy for money, but Jermaine seems to take the cake in this shamelessness. The singer has toured many different countries and venues performing concerts in honor of his brother, and at times even dressing like MJ. In fact, a few months ago he even took the show to the IIFA Awards in Canada. Jermaine is also currently working on a remake of the track ‘Blame It On The Boogie’ by The Jackson 5, a group that consisted of the young Michale and 4 of hid brothers, even though Jermaine had left the group by the time it made the track.

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