Rapper Wiz Khalifa and girlfriend video Vixen Amber Rose continue to send mixed signals about the their relationship and whether they a5re married or not.

The internet started buzzing with reports of the two having tied the knot secretly recently after pictures emerged of the pair dressed in what many concluded was an attire for a couple on the first dance after their wedding.

But conflicting reports say that the picture which is estimated to have been taken around the 8th of September could have been taken at the rapper’s birthday bash since it also falls on the same date.

Last week Amber mentioned Wiz’s upcoming birthday on her Twitter account and talked about how she had bought him a present that she was proud of. But in the message, she referred to the rapper as “My Husband”, so did they get married on the 8th, or were they already married, or are they yet to get married?

Amber said in an interview last month that they weren’t married, but intended to, but she gave no hint of when it would be.

Hmmm, interesting, wait and see.

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