Still continuing with his pugnacious streak, Game has switched his attention from trying to provoke Jay Z into a verbal war, to baiting  50 Cent by saying his former G Unit compatriot is gay.

In a message the rapper posted on his Twitter, in a seemingly unprovoked rant, he  got into it like this…

@TMZ but look around, shit I be surprised when I see someone who’s not GAY. My girl hair stylist is GAY & he kool. @50cent GAY n we was kool.

Recently while taking to DJ Vlad on Vlad TV, Game also visited the gay topic by telling the veteran hip hop DJ/journalist that he had no problem with gay people, but did with people who hide their sexuality, and get involved with women who do not know about the fact of their partners’ sexuality. According to the Compton rapper, they are the people who are responsible for the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

50 Cent is also known to be homophobic, having said publicly in the past that he is not comfortable with having gay people around him.

Hmmm, I think Game should just stick to making music.

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