Last week it was Breezy noted for his new infatuation with the X Sport of skateboarding. This week, Weezy is showing us that Breezy is not alone in the game. The Young Money boss who busted his head just a few weeks back while skating is apparently not yet done with the sport, he is in fact ramping up his involvement in it.
According to TMZ, the rapper is so serious about learning to skate that he’s hired a professional trainer to get him up in the skills he needs to ride the board. The rapper has also got himself a skate board and a portable quarter pipe to practice with, and he hauls it in a trailer with an Escalade that trails his tour bur everywhere he goes, so that he can jump out of the bus and skate anywhere he feels like.
Better than that sizzurp, keep it up, then you might keep rapping for a long time to come.

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