Well it’s a low point in rap when it gets to this.

In a recent interview with XXL Magazine, Miami emcee Rick Ross sent out warning shots to Oakland’s controversial white female rapper Kreayshawn who a couple of weeks back dissed him with no apparent provocation. Ross called her a ‘dirty b****h and threatened that he was going to pay someone 50k to spoil her whole week.

Krea started the spat a few weeks back when she spat a freestlye calling Bawse fake ( because he used to be a correctional officer) as many other rappers have, but she went a step father and started clowing Ross’ size saying he had bigger boobs than her.

After the initial shots, the two artists’ crews had a tense standoff when they met at the VMAs last month, but now for the first time Bawse has said something about the issue and he is not backing down.

Kreayshawn created controversy when she won a million dollar deal (INR 4,40,00,000) after her video for her debut track ‘Gucci Gucci’ went viral on Youtube. She has also ruffled feathers by stubbornly using the ‘N’ word repeatedly, something even Eminem has never done in all his years of stardom.

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