Your boy Fiddy has been busy recently in the studio working with Dr. Dre again. He’s working on his new Street King Energy series of tracks, and in his latest jawn which is number 8 in the series; he goes hard like the lyrics of the song say “Don’t Make Me F**k You Up”.

Flow is crazy, sounds like the old 50 Cent, and includes a dig at Drake, but not sure what the Street King Series has to do with the Street King Energy Drink, which is a product the rapper launched to raise money to feed 1 billion Africans, tho' we're not sure how he will do that coz the population of Africa is less than a billion, and not all of them need charity.

Anyway, listen to the track below and give us your take.


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  1. jide says:

    King of newyork, go fifty!!!

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