Okay, some publications, including local ones have been claiming that Beyonce is not preggers. Hmm, why would she fake it? Why would she choose a highly publicized award ceremony to make an announcement of a fake pregnancy and risk losing face in the eyes of millions of adoring fans when she is at the top of her game?

Well, sine rumors don’t even qualify to be called rumors coz a rumor should at least be believable.

Here is a snap of Ms.Carter when she walked down a street in New York after watching Gwyneth Paltrow’s new movie ‘Thanks for Sharing’. Methinks I can see a little bit of Jigga in the oven from this distance.

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  1. Old School. says:

    As usual the pile of erroneous ,mismanaged local tabloids with irresponsible journalism continues to give people news with out understanding things and have large colour picture ads from garments,sandwiches to some gym or ice cream brand all over as a method to occupy paper space . This is because they don’t understand Hip Hop R & B and feel everything is about bling ,everything is about violence etc. Its a knee jerk reaction to world news with out probably knowing much or bothering to find out .

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