There are a couple of collabos many hip hop fans would like to see A La “Watch The Throne” (Jay Z, Kanye West), and there are couple that have been in the offing. But one such dream team sadly may never come to pass.

Recently, singer/song writer/ rapper T Pain disclosed that a planned collabo featuring him and Young Money Boss Lil’ Wayne was no longer likely to happen.

According to the “Bar Tender” hit maker, the joint album was a work in progress before Weezy got in trouble and in jail, but after the whole ordeal and his release from the clink, T Pain doesn’t think Weezy still harbors any interest in the project so he doesn’t even talk about it to the Cash Money rapper no more.

“T-Wayne” as the album was to be titled, was conceptualized when T Pain was at the top of his game, and no, it is not a copy cat of “Watch The Throne” as it was planned before WTT was recorded.

A few months ago, Drake revealed that he and Lil’ Wayne had also planned a similar collabo album before WTT and he hinted that he felt that Jigga and Kanye jacked the idea.

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