She is New in Mumbai, but she is not new to the game. Femcee Vin also known as Manmeet Kaur is emerging to be a female emcee like no other.

In a world that is dominated by male rappers leading to numerous editorials questioning the relevance of ladies on the hip hop stage, you can imagine it’s not easy for any lady on the mic to be taken seriously unless probably she rides with a lot of guys to lend her career credibility. But politics and stereotypes aside, I won’t lie, it took us a while to take time and listen to Femcee Vin’s tracks chiefly because no one really recommended her to us and she doesn’t seem to make a lot of noise online for attention. The noticing only occured after a conversation with her after which she humbly requested us to listen to her tracks on her Reverbnation page, and boy were we blown away. In our opinion, Vin is not an emcee to be compared to female emcees because that would be simply denying her what she is truly worth, she belongs in the rank of the best rappers in the country. Her wordplay, her voice, her delivery and overall swag simply place her above many that touch the mic irrespective of gender, and we’re not sure there is anybody that doubts her rightful ascension into the top echelons of rap in this corner of the planet.

Another important thing about her steez is the fact that she sells no sex to her audience, she is all about consciousness and from the sound of her tracks, you will be disappointed of you are expecting a Nicki Minaj imitation or anything close to that. Her style hacks back to the 90s when I’m sure she wasn’t old enough to be rocking to the sound that seems to influence her, but nevertheless, being an ol’ skool freak myself, I gotta say it’s marvelous that we have such an artist in our midst. The local scene desperately needs to wake up and give her the dues she deserves.

Listen to her track Yin Yang over Lauryn Hill’s Lost Ones beat below and let us know what you think about her skills.

To learn more about Femcee Vin, go to this LINK.


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  1. VNM says:

    underrated, dope and underground tinge
    the only female rapper who has got a level
    other girls shud learn from her.

    she’s way better than Nicki Minaj

  2. viraj says:

    Wow, is she a local or from abroad? She’s really good.

  3. boom says:

    Yall cheap dudes jus trippin coz she cute! Lol

  4. Bigg Nikk says:

    Thats my girl :)


  5. Big Smoke says:

    She’s dope wid her lyrics, i luv her flow n rhymin……:)
    keep goin gal…:)


  6. Manmeet Kaur says:

    Thank You BOB for i think you are the first person who could recognize “WHO” i am!lol
    We peeps tend to find our ultimate joy out of the utube hits,appraisal,fan page,and all and sundry that is “ONLINE”,but do nothing in reality to promote this culture!
    I came to Bombay from Chandigarh,Punjab in may this year! and need i say i had a wish 2 njoy hip hop with Mumbaikars! but recently i went to perform in an event and shard my views with many undaground MCs from d city who wr there!put frwrd my view point! but as a consequence i saw they didnt even clap after i performed! only a few did,out of respct! evn afta d show, boys didnt even give me space to pass by! I see EGO killing the opportunity of learning from each other! And this incidence showed me about what many guys think about a woman participatin in what they run inefficiently! i hope to see more females to show up and bring melanchonies to bless this world with their voices! :) I am all about OLD SKOOL! Lets get together and enjoy this art in its purest form,for I am coming out with few projects in near future with RJV ERNESTO to take you all to the “underground” of hip hop to show you the Roots!


  7. Ona Winkles says:

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  8. sanil says:

    nothing but respect, i'd like to work with ya if blow it

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