bboys-flying1The SIES Vision college festival B-Boy battle dubbed Pop lock N Drop It went down yesterday, the 21st of December, and no doubt it was the bomb. Competition was expected to be tight as it was an open event, and it didn't let down.

Top Mumbai crews B1 Soul, Fictitious Crew, Swordfish, High Down Crew and SSDC were all in the house. B1 Soul, the poppin crew had a tight routine as always, but with a seemingly laid back execution.Fictitious Crew came in with a packed CV having won many dance competitions including the national television show Boogie Woogie and so their flawless choreography came in as no surprise.

High Down may not have had such a big name preceding them, but they held their own and time will tell what they are really capable of.
SSDC on the other hand  had an enviable record as well, having also thrashed opponent crews in numerous dance competitions in the past, so they were definitely one of the crews to be watched.
Meanwhile Swordfish  were strangers to most of the audience who couldn't even comprehend the genesis of their name, but hold it, they were yet to let 'em know who they are.

Battle 1 was between High Down and Fictitious Crew, it was very competitive, and experience eventually ruled as Fictitious overcame the promising High Down.

Battle 2 was Swordfish versus SSDC, and this is where swordfish showed how they slay their prey when they won over their equally outstanding opponents.

The final Battle was between the two winners in battle 1 and 2, Swordfish and Fictitious Crew. This one was worth whatever it took you to get to the show. Swordfish held their own, although the more experienced Fictitious crew let their record speak once more coming out victors once again. 

After the the finals, the judges Crazy ET and Remedy of Freak N Stylz, along with Executioner of UDK took to the stage to let the crowd know why they weren't participants, and they blew them away by their inexplicable moves, almost upstaging the finals.

The crowd was also kept moving by emcees who dropped in between performances to rock the mic.

The show was amazing and a treat for all Hip Hop heads that made it to the venue, hope to see more of you there next time.



With additional reporting by Niels Caszo

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  1. tru son says:

    Oh yess please, give some real hip hop

  2. bboy LUCi-O says:

    Well 1st battle with Fictitious Crew, it was okay..!!!

    We just forgot to put routines in the battle..!!

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