Mumbai as ever is giving you more by the day. We got new kid on the blog Brotha-Hood with seasoned rapper Skin and Bone on a new track titled “Tell Me”.

We have no idea who is behind the production although the beat is tight with a good hook on it.

Tell me is a love song, so sorry no gangsta tales on this one, just romance in the air.

It’s the first time we have Brotha-Hood on the blog, and we hope we’ll grow with him in the scene, and hear more stuff from him.

Tell Me
by Bombayhiphop1

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  1. 4Real says:

    Ok, not bad, India rising in the hip hop game

  2. MP says:

    TIGHT SHIT nice goin skin much luv… feelin da track…!!!

  3. Zack says:

    Supa track…. Best Of Luck….

  4. DJ Sherwin says:

    Nice Work Dude…Keep Up..!

  5. E-Will Genius

    is the producer of the song !!! the maddest and the hottest producer coming up in India !!

  6. defbuckz says:

    cool man keep up the shit tight…al the best

  7. Prakash Babu says:

    awesome producer E-Will Genius.. the mad

  8. 4Real says:

    That track is produced by a guy in India? congratulations E Will, I thought it was a beat stolen from the internet

  9. MC 69 says:

    Brotha Hood luvD uya voice…Skin as usaual ad his bst…aftral his mah homie…u knw who im….69

  10. MC "Dark Weedy" says:

    its master piece guys……………..keep spittin

  11. Brotha-Hood says:

    @4Real – Its just my debut track & I assure you I will improve for the next track

    @Mp – I think skin would like the comment ;)
    @Zack- Thanks broda
    @DJ Sherwin & defbucks – thanks a lot , I really appreciate that :)
    @Samson Victor , 4Real , Samson Victor- You people are right ,Vivek aka E-Will genius is the producer.
    @MC 69 , MC “Dark Weedy” – Thanks bro

  12. White Death says:

    you guys got to check the BElow link out..awesome power rapping shit

  13. andrew JJ says:

    heyyy itas aa realll thuggi

  14. andrew JJ says:

    heyyyyy realll thugggi

  15. skin-n-bone says:

    thanxs ol yol fo da appriciation!!
    its inspirin !!
    shout out 2 brotha hood n e-will!!

  16. mahek says:

    Dude! Im mahek suthar..
    hope ya remember me!
    btw Shanu yours pic is so cute. you looking innocent! :O .. and awesome song!! :) love ya guys! :)

  17. Ruturaj says:

    Nice Song Sir !
    Like it very much

  18. Aasif says:

    wow ..awesome ..u r going right way….

  19. Anuvrat says:

    gr8 song buddy keep it up

  20. Anuvrat says:

    fab.. beat @VIVEK
    aka e will genius

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