Enkore is one of the most ambitious emcees in the local game. Listening to his music will immediately make you realize that this is not one of the “Get my tunes online so that my friends can praise me” types. The seriousness with which he takes his music can be felt in the depth of passion with which he treats it, his interactions in the social media, and his consistency as far as dropping new music is concerned.

Forming a half of the duo Monkey Rhymes, this 18 year old emcee has time on his side. He has a lot to learn in the game, but he has all the time to do that. And given the fact that he already sounds more serious and refined than most cats that have been making waves in the scene for much longer than he has, it is only a matter of time before he has his plan locked and gets the recognition he deserves.

Currently he is aggressively promoting his latest mixtape “Beatdown’ and inviting opinions from listeners. This is quite unlike most artists who only welcome positive reviews. Enkore encourages you to listen to his music and tell him what you think about it.

Although he’s at the beginning side of his career as an emcee, he is definitely one cat that aspiring rappers could learn a thing or two from.

Download Beatdown” at this LINK.

Visit Enkore’s Facebook Page.

Listen to more of Enkore’s work below.


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  1. Feral says:

    My Love :-* :D
    All the best Bro!!

  2. 4Real says:

    This emcee is serious, I think most hip hop fans in this city are fake. I see some crap on this site getting so many likes, and when I see real stuff like this guy, there are only 6 likes? I bet Enkore doesn’t go to clubs with over size jeans with his father’s car and school girls in his arms that’s why he gets no love. Enkore, u are one of the best, keep it up, someday you might get recognition at home or abroad.

  3. Enkore says:

    Thanks a lot @4Real.. Words like those really do help push me forward.. Look forward to continued support from you! Thank you!

    @Feral haha, you know what it is bro :D Thank you!

  4. A-tidude says:

    hey bro u r inspiration for rappers like us

  5. Sarthak says:

    Hey enkore I want to meet u or atleast talk to personally anyway

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