After sparking off a vicious beef with his former mentor, Philly rapper Beanie Sigel now says his feud with Jay Z is now over.

During a recent interview, the former Roc A Fella artist dismissed the acrimonious episode saying at the end of the day, Jigga is still his brother no matter what.

It ain't really no situation right now., At the end of the day, Jay, that's my brother and will forever be my brother. It's just, we had a little misunderstanding, you know, situation. I couldn't get to him so I had to, via, you know, emcee it. That was it. It's over.

However when asked If he had made up with the Roc Nation head honcho in person, Siegel said in fact he hadn’t spoken to Hov since 2009.

At the height of the feud, Beans dropped diss tracks against Jigga and even aligned himself with 50 Cent as he took shots as his former boss.

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