He has been lampooned, insulted and dismissed by many, but love him or loathe him, Stan The Rapper is currently the one of the most famous faces in Indian rap.

The Delhi based artist has taken the internet world by storm with his short freestyle videos going viral. The rapper is not outstanding as far as flow goes, but he has one of the best online marketing strategies ever seen in the local game. And we cannot deny the fact that his stories are equally responsible for his online success. With figures that would make even established musicians go green with envy, he tackles everyday situations in his raps and even jests himself in the process. But one thing you must credit him for, he is not a faker in the sense of talking about bling he’s never touched and cars he has never ridden. He keeps it real and only talks about things the guy hanging out of the local train can relate to. Some might quip that he is making a fool of himself that’s why he’s getting the numbers. I’m not sure that’s entirely accurate, he may be humorous alright, but so are many established musicians, Al Yakovich is a good example. And his series of freestyles which are of very good quality with surprisingly clear audio have now received over 100,000 hits, that’s even more than many internationally known rappers ever get.

So rather than waste time hating on a success story, how about artists analyze his game and learn a few things from him, for example, you don’t have to use imaginary American situations in order to get attention in local hip hop. It’s also noteworthy that his sometimes difficult to understand English has not deterred viewers from clicking his videos again and again. So don’t let anybody tell you that you should not rhyme in English if you want to succeed, Stan just burst that mythical bubble.

And do remember, getting Youtube hits is just part 1, next, you gotta bring the audiences into your shows, and that’s a little tougher, even Stan is yet to accomplish that part.

If you have a different take on it, you’re welcome to state it in the comments section below, in the meantime, you can watch Stan The Rapper’s “My Love Story” freestyle below.


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  1. VNM says:

    HUMBLE.. :)

  2. Jesus says:

    looks and sounds like bob’s white version , skills are just like obob

  3. Ohkay! are you related to him in any way!??? critic is a critic! okay! dont disrespect viewer’s critic mr. writer!!!

  4. yeah this is agood start up.uour words are reallly great ,i have seen them on youtube while watching a video mr, smith goes to washington you are a nice rapper ,i think people will love you some day i wish you best of luck i am also startin on e of my site mr smith goes to washington.

  5. Eminem says:

    fuck him..he is not a rapper…rhymes can be mad by anyone..where is sense in his rap? r u nuts?

  6. stan u r crapper says:

    immature wannabe!!

  7. hp pendrive says:

    its great to listen to his raps ……..he will make it into the list of good singers soon……….

  8. f statistics says:

    he ….you rocked bro…..i really want to listen from more and more……..

  9. hey you lacks some flow thats for sure…….but i think you have agreat will so move on with you passion .best of luck……..

  10. you should start an professional album.

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