Noida based rapper Explyrix of the F.B.I crew is back at ya with a new track to add to his catalogue.

The track is titled “Break Up” and it features singer Pragya on the hook with a typical Hindi romantic touch to augment Explyrix’s heart break lyrics.

The production is decent, and it’s mixed and mastered by the rapper himself and DJ Piyush.

With a well shot video to go with it, u have to appreciate the effort that went into creating this one.

Someone dissed Explyrix’s accent though telling him that he should improve it because it is a letdown, but the Delhi emcee calmly retorted “I don’t want to fake it, just keep it real”.

Also worth noting is the fact that the video is a directorial debut by fellow F.B.I emcee Emcee Feral.


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