Tha Dope Boy Aftersleem has just dropped his latest track “Practice Session” off his upcoming mixtape “Thank You All”.

Despite this being a mixtape and not an album track, he actually shot a video for it, with his friend singer The Soham behind the camera as the emcee directed the visuals.

The beat is sick although the credits for it haven’t been disclosed, and the overall production quality is commendable.

Aftersleem’s rhymes range from flossing lyrical wit, to a little bit conscious as he spits a line on corruption, but most of the time he’s on the “hard and witty lines” lane.

The Kolkata based emcee hasn’t yet announced a date for the mixtape’s release, but if he maintains the standards on this single, it should be worth a listen.

Watch the video for “Practice session below”.


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  1. Eel says:

    I’m imsrepsed. You’ve really raised the bar with that.

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