Is hip hop is ready for a new beef by the younger generation? Well ready or not, newcomer Diggy Simmons whose debut album dropped about a week ago has just fired shots at critically acclaimed newcomer, North Carolina rapper  J. Cole in a diss track titled “What You Say To Me”.

In the track, Diggy who is the son of Run DMC legend Rev. Run, attacks J. Cole with the rhymes…

The other day I was listening to Purple Rain, couldn't believe all of the things that I heard em say/Who dat, who dat, you know who it is, heard you lying on my sis, tellin people that you hit when your album drops I'ma hit you with your bricks, so I'ma bomb first on you since you wanna riff/Who you gonna call, you ain't got no friends, this fight is fixed, you ain't got no wins/Little n*gga named Cole think he live like me, jet setter trend setter, yeah you not like me/Can't find a girl that you know that do not like me, can't find a girl I know, who know you, you dumb fool/Wasn't even poppin' in the school you used to go to

Diggy appeares irked by the lines J. Cole spat on a track called “Purple rain” referring to his sister, reality TV star Vanessa Simmons. But beyond that fact, beef has been brewing between the two young emcees for a while after Cole also appeared to take a swipe at Diggy in another track called “Grew Up Fast”. In that recording, this is what J. Cole spat…

Move along cock-sucker, ain't got nothing to see, 'less you talking blockbuster, you n*ggas is not Russell/You more Diggy, Me, I'm more Biggie/No diss to the young boy, I'm just rapping, get bored quickly.

The reaction from the fans has been predictable with some praising Diggy for defending his sister, while others have accused the young Simmons of seeking to deflect attention from his weak album sales. Diggy dropped his album over a week ago to a lackluster reception from fans with only 21,000 units moved in the first week of sales. 


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