One of the problems upcoming emcees usually face is a lack of ideas on where to get instrumentals from. Well, if you are a rapper facing that problem, worry no more, your boy Ashish Chavan AKA Real Life Thug happens to be busy trying to cut his teeth as a producer, and so he has a “scratch my back I scratch yours” proposal on his latest instrumental. Real Life Thug who also happens to be an emcee, has put out an instrumental for anyone that is interested in laying beats on it. All you have to do in return is give him a shoutout on the track that you lay down. That’s noting much, no money or anything, just good old credit to the creator of the beat.

He adds that it doesn’t matter whether the recording you make is a freestyle or a single, just pay homage, and that’s it.

So emcees and singers, listen to the instrumental below and if you feel it, jump on the mic and lace it with some vocals, we are always available to critique it for you in case you need that.

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  1. taranjit says:

    owsome ya….. <3 it

  2. zubair says:

    the beat is too good , and i also have an offer for you , take down the beat and work with me (collab) u get the music credits for the beat that u make and i get the credits for the vocals and lyrics . By credits i meant the songs on your beats will include your name with mine in the intro , and the title of the track will have this line included “produced by Real life thug” , think over it and reply , but only one condition,the beats that u make for me wont be given to anyone else….for details about my music google this “Haze Kay” and reply me here

  3. Trizz says:

    btw, “Real Life Thug” is Aashish’s crew name lol

  4. aashish says:

    brotha as u can see in the discription that i said any emcee can use thisbeat for freestyle or else for any record too just gimme the credit and already gave the insrtumental to guy who wants to freestlye on this

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