Brooklyn born and bred emcee Brooklyn Shanti has just dropped two new tracks, “Departure Lounges” and “Girlfriend Experience”. Both tracks were officially release for free download on the rapper’s website.

Both the songs are deep in emotional content. On “Departure Lounges”, the rapper who is also known as Nabin a gig he had in Delhi where he failed to connect with the crowd is what inspired him to pen down the track. His narration of the events that night show that he felt deeply scarred by the experience.

“Girlfriend Experience” on the other hand is about, well, an experience with a girl friend who he is no longer with. In his words, the rapper likens these tracks to a cathartic release that he hopes will help him heal or “piece together the shards of what’s left”.

Production wise, for someone who has been listening to Brooklyn Shanti for more than a few months, the music sounds surprising in that the New York rapper’s sound is extremely Southern. You could be forgiven for mistaking these to be the works of a YMCMB artist, but the difference though lies in the fact that his rhymes make sense all the time.

Listen to both tracks in the player below.

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