Former G Unit member Young Buck might be seeing a way out of his financial woes in the near future.

The Nashville rapper has been embroiled in severe financial problems due to inability to pay his debts, and this week, a judge finally opened the way for the rapper to file for bankruptcy after he failed to come up with a viable plan of how he intended to pay his debtors. As a result of the that, the rapper’s assets including his intellectual property rights to his music (Copyrights and publishing rights) will be sold in an auction to pay his debtors with whatever amount can be salvaged, but after that, Buck will be freed from any debts and related contractual obligations giving his a chance to start a fresh.

Ever since Buck fell out with 50 Cent and left G Unit 5 years ago, the Nashville emcee has accused Fiddy of frustrating him using the contract he has with G Unit, and preventing him from recording any music with any other artists, thus depriving him of a source of income.

However, in a recent talk show with G Unit DJ Who Kidd, Buck said he was open to the idea of starting all over again with G Unit.

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